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My oldest is going to Kindergarten next year.  He and I visited his new school last month, before school was out.  On the way there, I asked him, “Alexander, what do you think Kindergarten will be like?”  He said, “I really don’t know Mommy.”

10339749_792385830785001_3084908545399964001_nWe had a great time, walking around, visiting in the Kindergarten classrooms, seeing the playground, touring the entire school.  On the way home, I asked him what he was thinking.  He said, “Mommy, where’s the big garden?”




Forever and the earth


You’re my best friend.

You’re STILL my best friend.

Forever and the earth.”

~Alexander, age 4 1/2, August 10, 2013

Eagles and balloons

Sunday morning, Alexander woke up in our bed and said:

“While I was sleeping, I was on the playground at school

And eagles came

And we had balloons on our head

And we fly”

He said this all with a smile – what a nice dream.



Alexander’s new thing is saying what people and animals do and don’t do.

“Dogs don’t take a shower.  Dogs and babies take a bath.”

“Dogs don’t walk, they crawl.  Babies crawl too.”


Saturday, he did not want to get dressed.  He started running in the house naked.

I asked him why he didn’t want to get dressed and he said,

“Dinosaurs don’t wear clothes.”

Well OK Mr. Dinosaur

Short Sleeves

Wednesday was the first shorts day this season.

Alexander gets in the car and gets situated in his car seat.

He looks down at his legs and says,

“Mommy, my pants have short sleeves.”

Baby Jesus is special

My Alexander, who will be 4 in January, is really into Christmas this year. He has helped me with all decorations, including the manger scene (creche). As we put out each piece, I told him the story of Jesus’ birth. We have Mary, Joseph, 3 wise men, 1 angel and 1 shepherd with a sheep around his neck, baby Jesus and the barn. I was trying to come up with a concept that Alexander could understand about how important Jesus is. I was telling him that the Angel told the shepherds that Jesus was born. I told him that the wise men came from far away to bring baby Jesus presents. I told him that everyone wanted to see him because he was so special.
Christmas 2012Now, whenever anyone visits our house, Alexander says to them, “Come and see Baby Jesus, he’s special.” This makes tears come to my eyes every time he says it, and even as I’m writing this. Even people who have seen the manger scene at my house several times are drawn to it by Alexander who wants to tell them how special baby Jesus is. I pray that Alexander keeps this joy for Jesus in his heart his whole life.

Hot is about cold

Alexander’s brain is amazing.  He’s been growing a lot lately, and his thoughts are all jumbled up.

Me:  Are you hot?

Alexander:  It’s hot outside.

Me:  No, it’s very cold outside.

Alexander:  Ohhhhh.

Me:  What’s hot?

Alexander:  Me

Me:  What IS hot?

Alexander:  It’s about cold.  Like in the bathroom…when you wash your hands….there’s hot and cold.

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