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The “trying threes” and what I’m learning this Easter

“It was a perfect sacrifice by a perfect person to perfect some very imperfect people.” ~Hebrews 10: 14, The Message

Doesn’t that just sum it all up?  I’m one who wants to be perfect – I hate being a work in progress…I want to learn it, and move on.  But, until I’m with Jesus face to face, the deepest desire of my heart will not be fulfilled, as I will never be perfect on this earth.  I am forgiven and perfect in God’s sight because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, but I still struggle with sin.  I get discouraged so often because each day God teaches me something else where I feel like I’m failing – I know, in my head, that I just need to improve, but in my heart, I struggle with the question, “Why don’t I just do it right?”

Thank goodness for grace.  My salvation is not based upon what I do, my works, but on what Christ did for me on the cross.  If I love him, I’ll obey him.  I do love him, but why don’t I obey him all the time?

I see a bit of myself in one of my three year old twins, Marcus.  He’s a rule follower and hardly ever strays from the straight and narrow.  We both go into situations enthusiastically – especially if we know the rules, because we are good rule followers.  I always say, “If you give me the rules or tell me how to do it, I’ll do it right.”  That’s why this Christianity thing is so hard for me at times – I don’t always get it right and there are times or seasons where I feel like I’m always getting it wrong.  Take, for example, I have two three year olds in my house right now.  That’s enough to make any mom “get it wrong” A LOT.  If you haven’t been around young kids, now I have three, I believe it’s not the “terrible twos” so much as the “trying threes” (trying for the mom, that is).  My oldest’s first eight months of being three were like someone had taken my sweet boy and replaced him with a baby monster.  But at that eight month mark, a miracle happened, and my boy returned.  I’m not facing quite the same with the twins, but the tantrums, the lack of being able to understand reason (times two)…it’s wearing on me, and I seem to get it wrong at least once a day.  My temper rises, my voice yells – it’s almost like an out of body experience at times, where I am watching myself yell…But that’s why there’s grace.  Jesus died on the cross, knowing I’d have twin boys and knowing they’d both be three at the same time.   He didn’t do it so much to play a joke on me (although we laughed for five weeks straight when we knew we were having twins), but more to teach me lessons throughout their lives, and I think I’ll learn a lot of lessons this year of being three.


Baby Jesus is special

My Alexander, who will be 4 in January, is really into Christmas this year. He has helped me with all decorations, including the manger scene (creche). As we put out each piece, I told him the story of Jesus’ birth. We have Mary, Joseph, 3 wise men, 1 angel and 1 shepherd with a sheep around his neck, baby Jesus and the barn. I was trying to come up with a concept that Alexander could understand about how important Jesus is. I was telling him that the Angel told the shepherds that Jesus was born. I told him that the wise men came from far away to bring baby Jesus presents. I told him that everyone wanted to see him because he was so special.
Christmas 2012Now, whenever anyone visits our house, Alexander says to them, “Come and see Baby Jesus, he’s special.” This makes tears come to my eyes every time he says it, and even as I’m writing this. Even people who have seen the manger scene at my house several times are drawn to it by Alexander who wants to tell them how special baby Jesus is. I pray that Alexander keeps this joy for Jesus in his heart his whole life.

Mother’s Day

Alexander made me a necklace for Mother’s day.  This morning, I had on a different necklace and he asked me, “Mommy, where’s your happy birthday?” and pointed to my neck.

I immediately put on his necklace.

I picked him up at school and saw that they had made us flowers with nice words on them.  Under the purple paint, it originally said, “My mommy is mommy.  She reads to me. ”  (All of the other kids’ flowers said their mom’s names).  My name is Mommy.

Happy Easter…Merry Christmas?

Happy Easter.  This is the first Easter we’ve celebrated with my oldest son.  I’ve come to realize that I want to build lasting traditions with my family.

Happy Easter Alexander.

Merry Christmas Mommy.

No, Happy Easter.

Merry Christmas.

OK buddy, Merry Christmas (and Happy Easter).

A First Birthday (times two)

The first birthday has come and gone.

My little ones are now 1.  Unbelievable…they are trying to walk…trying to talk.

Last night, I watched them play together.  REALLY, play together.  It was so cute.  We have a large wooden corral and they were at opposite sides of the octagon, sitting.  Then, with an unspoken “ready, set, go”, they’d start crawling at each other at top speed, squealing and laughing.  When they “hit” they’d grab each other and just laugh.  They did this multiple times.  I just sat and watched in awe as my twin boys played together.  (Later my husband said, “did you video tape it?”–nope).

My oldest never had these interactions since he was a singleton.  My twins are growing up with an experience that no one else in my family has ever had.  This is very special for them….and for us.

Happy Birthday to my littlest men.

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