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My oldest is going to Kindergarten next year.  He and I visited his new school last month, before school was out.  On the way there, I asked him, “Alexander, what do you think Kindergarten will be like?”  He said, “I really don’t know Mommy.”

10339749_792385830785001_3084908545399964001_nWe had a great time, walking around, visiting in the Kindergarten classrooms, seeing the playground, touring the entire school.  On the way home, I asked him what he was thinking.  He said, “Mommy, where’s the big garden?”




Swimming Lesson Report Cards

All 3 boys have been in swimming lessons for the past 4 weeks.  Alexander has taken lessons since turning 1, but the babies had to wait until their 1st birthday to start.

Alexander is now in the Preschool class of 3-4 year olds.  They sit on the side, wait their turn, pay attention and always, always follow the instructor’s directions….yeah right.  He’s done leaps and bounds better this 4 weeks than he did in the 8 weeks before that.  I think, in part, it had to do with the instructor and her confidence, but also with the fact that both babies and Mommy were swimming too.

Alexander’s 4 week swimming report card said:  “I am so proud of Alexander!  He has come so far throughout these 4 lessons…Awesome job!”

Way to go big guy!

For the twins, Maximus got over his dislike by the middle of the first lesson.  I knew Marcus would like it more by the way he splashes and kicks his feet when I give him a bath.  They will be my little fish!

First report card

Technically, it’s not a report card in preschool for a 3 year old, but my Alexander got his first today.

Not surprisingly, he’s doing so well.  Being the oldest child, he won’t have the benefit of his own wise teaching like his brothers will.  It’s his first interaction playing regularly with other kids his own age, his firsts for a lot of things.

He’s surviving and thriving like a trooper and I’m so proud of him.  Way to go baby one.

My Alexander is so thoughtful of others–that’s what his teacher said about him.  He recognizes the needs of others, even in the midst of his own play and seeks to meet those needs.  WOW, and he’s only 3.

I see this at home too.  He’s always asking me, “Are you OK mommy?” or after I yawn or sigh, he’ll ask, “Are you tired?”

Whenever the babies cry, he always says, “Baby’s crying…let’s go see.”

He’s in tune at such a young age, not preoccupied with himself, but with others and their well-being.  He’s going to be an excellent friend and husband one day.  He’s already an excellent son.

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