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First day of school

All of the boys started preschool yesterday.  All three only go two days a week, but it’s a good start.

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Alexander was the “big boy on campus” yesterday – one of the older ones in his class (going to Kindergarten in 1 year).  Since yesterday, he won’t stop talking.  He’s wired and excited and I’m so happy!

The twins enjoyed their first day.  Mommy was more nervous than they were….but they wore themselves out big time.  We showed up to pick them up at 12:30, after lunch.  They were playing and the doors were locked at the top (I thought – most likely for my boys who always try to escape to freedom).  We were welcomed by their teacher, and stood talking with her for several minutes, observing our boys…our babies…who sure didn’t look like babies anymore.  Where did the time go.

Their teacher proceeded to tell us that today was a day of learning for all.  Different from the day before (when the twins didn’t go), they kept the doors locked all day at the top, and constantly reminded the boys where to be.  When the class went outside to play, they double-locked the gate so that the kids (Maximus) would not try to get out.  I only nodded and smiled.  She told me that they worked today to reinforce to Maximus that he could not climb on the tables, that he could not eat 9 grape halves at the same time.  I only nodded and smiled.  I commented, “The story of our life.”for the blog 2

Later that day, I was thinking about the teacher’s comments, feeling a little bad and sorry for their “behavior”.  But in all actuality, they are NOT bad boys, it’s not a discipline problem.  They are happy boys, with a lot of energy, excited about life.  They observe life from the thick of things.  They like to get their hands and bodies involved in their observations.  They aren’t ones to stand on the side and just observe….they want to participate….they want to experience all there is about life.  You can see that in the way they eat, in the way they play, in the way they smile, in the way they hug, even in the way they sleep.

So…this mama will not apologize for her good, happy, energetic boys.  She will nod and smile, drop them off two mornings a week praying for their teachers’ sanity and for her boys’ safety.  She will revel in the fact that they love life, and will never regret that they were fully involved in all that they did.

And I can see them one day, strong men, who persevere to the end with all they do.  Maximus, so focused on getting something done and doing it right, but experimenting with other options all along the way.  Marcus going into every situation with a smile, striving to do it right the first time, but having fun in the process.

Boys, go and embrace life.  Enjoy every minute and don’t let anyone ever tell you different.  for the blog 3


Forever and the earth


You’re my best friend.

You’re STILL my best friend.

Forever and the earth.”

~Alexander, age 4 1/2, August 10, 2013

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