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Eagles and balloons

Sunday morning, Alexander woke up in our bed and said:

“While I was sleeping, I was on the playground at school

And eagles came

And we had balloons on our head

And we fly”

He said this all with a smile – what a nice dream.




“For a while we felt kind of different.  We were young and passionate and adventurous until a few years passed and I took a pregnancy test, and then life changed.  Normal felt like a necessity – a mortgage and health insurance and a safe house with a cute nursery.  Normal started looking good….

As real life and responsibilities pressed in, I felt God being pressed out….What if the things I thought he wanted for me, once again, were the very things keeping me from him?

What if heaven and God and forever became our normal?

Wouldn’t that change everything?”

–Jennie Allen, Chapter 5, “Anything:  The prayer that unlocked my God and my Soul”

Even A Girl Like Me

A Preacher's Kid... Prodigal Daughter... Sinner Saved by Grace... Redeemed...Recovered...Renewed

great plans for me

My journey of life and faith

reflection of mercy

Keepin' it real, simple, and grace-full.

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The Middlest Sister

There are 5 sisters. She's the middlest.