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No excuses

I have become a woman of no excuses.

I used to make excuses all the time – I’m too tired, I’m too busy….Why I couldn’t exercise, why I couldn’t make good/healthy food, why I didn’t like to eat vegetables, why I couldn’t clean the house.  I now try to keep excuses out of my vocabulary, and I’m a better wife, mother, woman, worker, co-worker, daughter…for my lack of excuses.  It does not mean that I enjoy every task set before me…it means that I do it with a different heart toward the activity.  I do it with a heart of gratitude and thankfulness instead of a heart of bitterness.   I do it knowing that the outcomes, the rewards, the changes in me and others.

It does not mean I am successful every day…it only means I am a work in progress, and that whenever I hear someone else making excuses for not bettering their lives, I can only say a prayer that they will one day, be a work in progress too.


Holding out for the better reward

Luke 9:23 “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

How hard it is to deny myself. What a world we live in. I have been on a journey over the last 13 months to get healthy, (after having 3 boys in a span of 2 years and 2 months, and the toll that the twins’ pregnancy took on my body). Since February2012 I have lost 30 lbs through Team Beachbody’s ( Challenge exercise and nutrition programs. I have more energy, weigh less than I did before having my 4 year old, and feel so much better about myself. Recently, I saw my husband’s 2 liter Coke in the fridge and thought – “I could just sneak a little”. Then I replied [to myself], “It’s not sneaking – I’d only be hurting myself.” This is what came to mind when I read the passage DENY THEMSELVES. I’m not denying myself the Coke or the cookie or the cupcake – I’m holding out for the better reward.

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