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When we ask for 8, you give us 10….

101_4390One month ago I was in Asia for work.  I visited Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo and was home in 11 days.  It was a fast trip and as a mom of 3 young boys, a long time to be away from my family.

While in each country, I did staff training for our country office staff.  In Japan, one of the staff members told me that when they were asked which staff from headquarters should come on this trip, it was unanimous, “Melissa”.  He also said something that I will always remember.  He said to me that my answers are always thorough and I give them so much more than just the answers they asked.  He said:

“When we ask for 8, you give us 10.  When we ask for 10, you give us 12.”

For some reason, this has really stuck with me.  This small statement is a testament of how I work.  I come by it honest, though, from generations of women who are very detail-oriented and thorough (just ask my mom and grandma).

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