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Spin around

I took Alexander to school this morning.  He’s sitting on the little toilet going potty before joining his friends, and he says to me, “Mommy, I like your dress.”  I say, “Thank you so much buddy.”

Then he says, “Spin around.”

I do…his smile speaks volumes.



…and we sleep at school

Sleeping at school is an unusual phenomena for a 3 1/2 year old who does not even take naps anymore.  He has not stopped talking about it for a week now (and he only goes to full-day preschool one day a week – Wednesdays).  So, now, I use this reference when I prepare him for the all-day Wednesday:

Mommy:  Alexander, today you will go to school all day.  Mommy won’t pick you up from the playground

Alexander:  OK

Mommy:  And you will eat lunch at school, and sleep at school.

Alexander:  We sleep at school (laugh laugh).

Mommy:  That’s funny isn’t it?

Alexander:  Yes, we sleep at school (with a funny look on his face).

Mommy:  Will Alexander sleep at school?

Alexander:  No.

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