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The definition of boy

The definition of a boy….priceless



A Mom’s Journey

I’ve been on a journey since February 4, 2012.

It’s a tough journey for most of us, as time is money and we don’t have a lot of either.

It’s also tough because as moms, we want to spend a lot of time with our families and end up sacrificing time for ourselves more often than not.

But for all people who attempt to do it, the journey is worth it, but never ending.

For someone who is a high closure person, a never ending journey is not one that we take very often.

I love to check things off a list and say DONE!

I love to move on.

But with this journey, it doesn’t end and it is a lifestyle change.

I have lost 31 pounds since February 4, 2012.  I knew my clothes fit better.  I feel better.  I have more energy.

But I had never looked at myself side-by-side…until now.

Maybe you see the differences.

Maybe you don’t.

But I see them….and I feel them.

Now the journey continues…..

Swimming Lesson Report Cards

All 3 boys have been in swimming lessons for the past 4 weeks.  Alexander has taken lessons since turning 1, but the babies had to wait until their 1st birthday to start.

Alexander is now in the Preschool class of 3-4 year olds.  They sit on the side, wait their turn, pay attention and always, always follow the instructor’s directions….yeah right.  He’s done leaps and bounds better this 4 weeks than he did in the 8 weeks before that.  I think, in part, it had to do with the instructor and her confidence, but also with the fact that both babies and Mommy were swimming too.

Alexander’s 4 week swimming report card said:  “I am so proud of Alexander!  He has come so far throughout these 4 lessons…Awesome job!”

Way to go big guy!

For the twins, Maximus got over his dislike by the middle of the first lesson.  I knew Marcus would like it more by the way he splashes and kicks his feet when I give him a bath.  They will be my little fish!

Mommmmyyyy!…..Where’s Papa?

I pick Alexander up from school every day.  

It’s so great to have him run to me yelling, “Mommmmyyyy.”

Then he lets me go from the hug and says, “Where’s Papa?”

Thanks a lot buddy.

We get home for lunch, “Where’s Papa?”

I say, “Mommy’s here to eat lunch with you.”

I open the door to the house and he runs in yelling, “Papa, Pa-paaaaaaaaaaaa.”

I say, “Daddy’s on his way home.”

He’s certainly the daddy’s boy.

But at night, when he’s finally calming down to get ready for bed, he rubs my arm with his little hand and in a quiet voice says, “Mommy?  I love you.”

Now that makes up for everything.

My little man.

Happy Easter…Merry Christmas?

Happy Easter.  This is the first Easter we’ve celebrated with my oldest son.  I’ve come to realize that I want to build lasting traditions with my family.

Happy Easter Alexander.

Merry Christmas Mommy.

No, Happy Easter.

Merry Christmas.

OK buddy, Merry Christmas (and Happy Easter).

A First Birthday (times two)

The first birthday has come and gone.

My little ones are now 1.  Unbelievable…they are trying to walk…trying to talk.

Last night, I watched them play together.  REALLY, play together.  It was so cute.  We have a large wooden corral and they were at opposite sides of the octagon, sitting.  Then, with an unspoken “ready, set, go”, they’d start crawling at each other at top speed, squealing and laughing.  When they “hit” they’d grab each other and just laugh.  They did this multiple times.  I just sat and watched in awe as my twin boys played together.  (Later my husband said, “did you video tape it?”–nope).

My oldest never had these interactions since he was a singleton.  My twins are growing up with an experience that no one else in my family has ever had.  This is very special for them….and for us.

Happy Birthday to my littlest men.

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