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Success story: The progress

Well….I’ve done it.  In 30 days I’ve lost 22 lbs, 18.25 inches and cut 3.7 points from my BMI.  I’m on my way to a healthier me.

(For anyone out there who might be worried…I am losing in a healthy way…ask me and I’ll explain more if you’re interested).

This morning, when I told my husband that I had lost 22 lbs so far, he said, “You’ve lost one of the babies”.  I hadn’t thought of it like that.  At last weigh in, the twins were just over 22 lbs.  WOW!  When it’s put that way, and I think how I’ve shed that weight from my body, that’s huge (because the babies sure get heavy after a while).


Changing habits

You know, changing habits is hard.  It takes a lot of effort.  Just today, I almost printed coupons for cereal I might normally buy, but then I thought twice and realized that I don’t want that cereal in my house.

It’s hard to stop eating when the food is so good.

It’s hard to get up at 5:30am 6 days a week to exercise for 45 minutes.

It’s hard not to snack on the things we have in the office snack drawer.

But the pay off is so good.

I feel better, look better and have more energy for my 3 growing boys.  And boy are they growing.  The twins are both moving, up on their knees, trying to stand…waiting for the day that their legs will do what their brain says and stand up.

I’m changing habits for them too.  I want my family to be healthy and active, eating the right things and seeing positive role models, modeling good habits.

That’s why I’m changing my habits.  It doesn’t seem so hard when I weigh all of the benefits.

First report card

Technically, it’s not a report card in preschool for a 3 year old, but my Alexander got his first today.

Not surprisingly, he’s doing so well.  Being the oldest child, he won’t have the benefit of his own wise teaching like his brothers will.  It’s his first interaction playing regularly with other kids his own age, his firsts for a lot of things.

He’s surviving and thriving like a trooper and I’m so proud of him.  Way to go baby one.

My Alexander is so thoughtful of others–that’s what his teacher said about him.  He recognizes the needs of others, even in the midst of his own play and seeks to meet those needs.  WOW, and he’s only 3.

I see this at home too.  He’s always asking me, “Are you OK mommy?” or after I yawn or sigh, he’ll ask, “Are you tired?”

Whenever the babies cry, he always says, “Baby’s crying…let’s go see.”

He’s in tune at such a young age, not preoccupied with himself, but with others and their well-being.  He’s going to be an excellent friend and husband one day.  He’s already an excellent son.

That girl next door

Sometimes I still feel like that girl next door.  How can I have a 3 year old and twin 10 month olds?  I was 26 last year, wasn’t I?  That’s how I often feel.

I see girls (yes, I call 20-somethings girls) and think that I’m like them.  Then I remember I’m not…

Maybe I’m like them at heart.  The older I get, the farther away “old” is.  I used to think that 30 was old.  WOW, I’ve passed that.  I look at my parents, my husband’s parents and my grandparents.  They don’t act old…maybe none of us are old.

Maybe we can always be that girl next door….

I can’t eat like you

I had a revelation this morning and told my husband, “I just can’t eat like you.”

February 1 I started a 30 day challenge to lose weight and change how I eat.  It’s going so well.

My husband can eat anything and not gain weight.  He has the metabolism of a 25 year old and is always moving.  I, on the other hand, have a metabolism like molasses.  I have to move more and eat better to feel good and lose weight.  I’m doing it and making progress.

I should have lost 20 lbs. before having my 3 year old.  I should have lost 35 lbs before having my 10 month old twins.  Needless to say, I’m doing this challenge for many reasons:  lose weight, be healthy, feel better about myself, have more energy, look better, to make myself and my family proud.

This morning, my husband revealed that the women in his past relationships always gained weight when they were dating him.  He even admitted some bad habits of bringing things home that most women should not eat, but love to eat.  And of course, it’s hard to sit with someone who’s eating something so good and….just drink water.  So, I’m letting him eat his “comfort food”, I’m sitting with him, spending time, but I don’t have to eat it too.  I can spend time with my husband and not eat what he eats, and not regret it.  I’m not jealous that he can eat it–I now know what’s in it and don’t WANT to eat it.

I can’t eat like you, and I’m OK with that.

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